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What kind of natural do you do?

In September 2009, Cori and Tia decided they wanted to be able read, pronounce, and recognize all of the ingredients on a skin care label. Unable to find acceptable, high quality products in stores, they began making their own body scrubs, bath salts, and skin moisturizers. They started making products they were comfortable using on themselves, and their children. And it was a lesson from their own childhood together that kicked in right about that time: “If you’re going to do it, do it right, and do it well.”

The array of skin care needed to be more than just natural, it needed to be highly effective.  After several months of recipe testing and countless product revisions they began to offer the product to the public.  In March 2011, Tia and Cori set up their first booth at the Maryland Spring Home and Garden Show and began offering products that had three noteworthy traits:

  • First, all ingredients come directly from recognizable, natural and easily pronounceable sources.
  • Second, all products are superiorly effective.
  • Third, all products are handmade under the experienced care of the founders, Tia and Cori.

Almost two years later, the available line of products has expanded, and the quality is at its best ever. Cori and Tia have spent long hours creating and testing the products to produce the most unique blend of salts, oils, herbs, spices and flowers and bring you the highest quality bath and body treatments using only the best ingredients. The underlying guideline is “If we wouldn’t want to use it for our families, we won’t sell it.”

Look around at the options available to you for skin care. What’s really in that facial mask that’s ever so close to your eyes? What’s in the body scrub that gives your skin that warm glow? What’s in the lip balm that you taste every day? Isn’t it frustrating when you have no idea what an ingredient is, or why you’re using it? Now, look at what Mind, Body & Salt uses to keep your skin healthy and clean. What kind of natural do you do?


Questions about Mind, Body & Salt or our products? Looking to place large orders or build a partnership? Please contact us directly!


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